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About stabilization

This is a process that preserves the natural freshness of our plants while maintaining their brilliant colours for many years.
Thanks to this unique innovative liquid mixture, which is harmless to human health and meets the strictest requirements of the European Union, we are able to preserve their natural appearance.
To achieve the best results when stabilizing plants, we select flowers, grasses, leaves and trees when they are at the peak of their physical blooming beauty.
The stabilization process takes place in such a way that freshly cut off plants are placed in containers containing a stabilizing solution. The sap of a plant evaporates within 3-7 days and is completely replaced with the stabilizing solution. This process may also result in losing the colour which is then replaced by means of food colours. Subsequently, the plants are washed and stored in the drying-room for several days and then, of course, properly checked before dispatch.
Thanks to the stabilization process flowers retain their natural colours and softness, which predetermines them for long-term floral decorations.
The aim of the company is to provide our customers with the opportunity to enjoy benefits of a real natural garden inside their home, office, hotel, restaurant or shopping center.
Plants treated in this way are predetermined for this because they have many economic and practical advantages over fresh flowers:
1. Several years of life while maintaining their fresh appearance
Flowers 2-5 years
Trees,grasses and leaves 5-10 years
2. Absolutely maintenance-free (no water and no light requirements)
3. Easy to store and transport
4. Minimum chance of insect or mildew attacks on the plants.
Stabilized plants are of a natural origin. Colours or sizes can therefore be slightly different and if you want to preserve their natural appearance for many years, it is necessary to observe the basic rules:
1. They must not come into contact with water, i.e. do not water them
2. Do not store or place in a humid environment
3. Do not expose them to direct solar radiation, do not place them in the vicinity of bulbs and other sources of high temperatures (they draw colours)
4. Do not place on surfaces treated with lacquers or oils.
If you want to preserve the “everlasting” beauty of stabilized plants, place them in rooms of a temperature of 5-30 0C and humidity of 60 %. Plants are maintenance-free, but if you need to clean of dust or other dirt, then use damp (not wet) cloth and/or a hair-drier at the low temperature.